Speedometer / Performance Apps, Tire Size, and Trucks

ETA – The darn Ulysse Speedometer app mentioned below doesn’t work on my phone – apparently 7 satellites still isn’t enough to satisfy it? Anyway. The rest of the post is relevant, I guess.

Basically, there’s an app for everything.

Some of them are completely stupid and inane.

But there are a TON of apps out there with excellent purpose. (Is it grammatically uncool to say “a ton of”???)

Are multiple question marks even more inexcusable than multiple periods??? (Yes, I know they’re called ellipses…) I love ’em both. I like expression in my writing, and dangit, it’s my blog.

IMG_20160325_142514144Regardless. This truck search has (possibly) almost concluded, and there might be a new resident of Shuford Hill that we’ll call Bruce if he makes it there. (I knew I was doomed when Mini Me NAMED the dang truck before we ever even test drove it. And, oddly, it fits like a glove.)

One concern of mine whenever I drive an unfamiliar vehicle is whether the speedometer is properly calibrated. While many people often claim theirs is not, I have found that, normally, they actually are pretty close.

26570r18 tiresBruce, the potential new Shuford, has a really nice set of really expensive tires, size = HUGE. Well, not HUGE in 4×4 terms, but a lot bigger than the ones on Jeffie, the Subaru.

These are freaking P265/70R18. According to TireSize.com, the outside diameter of these tires is 32.6 inches.

That’s the same size, basically, as the 32 inch tires that I used to have on my big black Ford when I was dating The Wife. (She wasn’t the wife at the time. Getting married meant I had to buy smaller tires in order to feed the beagle and buy kerosene to stay warm.)

They’re almost as big as the 33 inch tires that were TOO big for that Ford. (I wish I had pictures of that Ford, back in the glory days…)

Sheesh. But I like ’em. Well, so far. Haven’t bought the darn truck, yet. Might not get approved by the old credit union, I dunno.

Regardless. This is really only the introduction to this post. (Which almost needs ANOTHER post.)

Since speedometer calibration is important in order to keep the North Carolina State Highway Patrol from making my life miserable, it made sense to me to go ahead and get an app on my phone to show speed and be able to compare that to the speedometer display on Bruce the Nissan Titan. (IF we actually ever get the truck…)

Ulysse Speedometer.pngIn doing so, the question came to my mind, “I wonder if there are apps to test 0-60 and quarter mile performance?”

The answer, you guessed it, is “Yes.” There are MANY. 

So, now, I have TWO speedometer apps on my phone, one of which is called Ulysse Speedometer and has some cool “racing” features built in. The other is called DigiHUD, and is actually the one I have tested, to this point.

Accuracy is a question, of course, but it only makes sense that apps like these would exist. And proliferate.

Whether I ever actually use these apps to test any real performance by Mr. Bruce, well, who knows.

The “overlay” feature of Ulysse to sit on top of Google Maps is impressive, as long as it doesn’t bog down the phone.

I will, however, have to find out how to get a good enough vehicle charger to actually keep the phone CHARGED while using this, because the current “Dollar General” charger I have just barely keeps up with keeping the clock on the screen.

DigiHUD screen


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